Whipped Dipped
RNK - Whipped Dipped
Whipped Dipped and her info.
Some attributes
First Confetti Crazy
Second Creamy Cakes (unreleased)
Third Velvet
Other attributes
Fourth Lemon Lime
Fifth Cookie Cake
Sixth Cotton Candy (Don't tell anybody)
 Whipped Dipped - recent female character in the series.


Whipped Dipped has fuschia hair, with pigtails and no decorations, and her hair is curly at the bottom.

Whipped's dress is a Strawberry pink with chocolate stains, a belt, red frills on her wrists and neck, and a Chocolate-dipped strawberry with Whipped Cream on top.

Whipped wears gloves to keep her hands clean, create no evidence, and to hide her special cocoa powers.

The bottom of Whipped includes her pink socks, and her pearl white shoes.


Whipped Dipped is quiet when she is sad or depressed, but mostly, her personality is Fun, and Trustworthy. She can be erotic towards girls she REALLY likes. When you make her mad, she gets out some Whipped Cream and shoves it down your throat, with a side of chocolate syrup with a cherry on top. Then she will call you a human sundae.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Her original hair was going to be creamy with chocolate.
  • Her original name in the concept art was "Whipped 'n Dipped".
  • Her original dress had two sides.
  • She was going to be enemies with Confetti.
  • Whipped Dipped was inspired by a picture of a strawberry.
  • Her theme song is Let it Go - Music Box version.
  • She became a yandere when she was 12, but didn't know there was crime in Miryoku until she was 4.