Confetti Crazy is the main female character of the series. 

Confetti Crazy
Confetti Crazy doing her signature pose.
Some attributes
First Cotton Candy
Second Vivid Visions
Third Whipped Dipped
Other attributes
Fourth Velvet
Fifth Cookie Cake
Sixth Rainbow Rendezvous (Unreleased)


Confetti Crazy has Light Lavender hair, with sprinkles of Confetti. Her eye color in the pictures are clearly black, but her eyes are a fuschia tint.

Confetti's shirt is a cream yellow with a Teal tied bow. She has frills on the shirt by her neck, waist, and wrists.

Her hair has 3 curls and waves at the bottom.

Confetti's skirt is a baby blue/sky blue color that is a bit long. Her socks are black/obsidian color, and her shoes are a pearl white.


Confetti has a shy part, and confident part to herself. But she is very protective to her older sister, Cotton Candy. But mostly, her personality is Yandere/Tsundere. Sometimes she gets into fights with her sister, because her older sister always wants to have some "fun" with her. She refuses with a serious face and walks off. Confetti sometimes thinks before she speaks and does. But when she doesn't, she gets into yandere-involved situations with a pinch of tsundere.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Confetti as a child wasn't yandere until she was around 12.
  • Cotton used to be erotic to Confetti as children. But she stopped doing that now, she only does it with boys.
  • Confetti's parents were yanderes.
  • Confetti's old hair color was going to be blonde.
  • Confetti hated what her parents had been doing when she was 4. But now, she got over it.
  • Confetti likes stabbing jelly-filled cupcakes with daggers. She likes to lick the jelly ooze afterwards.
  • In internet years, Confetti is actually 2 months old. But really, Confetti is actually 18 years old.